You use your memory every day to store information and you use your brain every day to combine this information in a logical way. The amount of information you receive every day has increased every year and will increase even more in the next years. So it’s difficult to store all this information in your own brain and therefore we have created eBrainz. In eBrainz you can store information and you can use eBrainz to remind you on certain events or automate events. eBrainz has your data in the database but has also the option to interface to the world around you.


eBrainz can be seen as an Application Platform As A Service (APAAS), it has some unique features compared with other APAAS environments.


eBrainz will become available in the course of 2018. Please inquire the possibilities!

Simple to use

Simple, simple, simple!

Cloud or on premise

Available in the cloud or on premise!

Very fast

Programmed in Go!
Fasted language on the market!


e = electronic
Brain = store and react
z = zero worry


Need changes?

Do you need changes in eBrainz? That is possible; you can add and change tables, screens and reports. And because we created eBrainz, there are only a few field types; instead of many different number field types in traditional database systems, eBrainz has only 1. There is so much technology available that we can use the technology to make your life easier!

A cloud service that offers development and deployment environments for application services!

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A publicly available cloud platform for building, hosting, and launching customer-created applications!

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